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Superintendents' Council

The Superintendents’ Council is composed of the Superintendents from each of the three LEAs within the SELPA.  The Superintendents of each participating LEA, are responsible for special education programs operated by the LEA and for implementing all requirements of the Local Plan.

Members of the public, including parents or guardians of individuals with exceptional needs who are receiving services under the Local Plan, may address questions or concerns to the Superintendents’ Council at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to participate in the Superintendents' Council may request assistance by contacting the SELPA Office at 562-866-9011 x2050.  Notification must be made at least 48 hours before the meeting.

Draft 24-25 Section B: Governance and Administration

Draft 24-25 Section D: Annual Budget Plan

Draft 24-25 Section E: Annual Service Plan

2024-2025 Public Hearing Notice



Mid-Cities SELPA Local Plan B., 2021-2022

Section A:  Contracts and Certifications

Section D:  Annual Budget Plan

Section E:  Annual Service Plan



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